I’ve submitted both my assignments for web701 and apart from 1 exam that is the end of my study,  now i just need to desperately try and RPL my comms paper and hopefully after 4 years this degree is done..  So basically…. still not finished 😦  getting very close though

Really happy with my website and the way that my project 2 came out in the end so overall I think I can say I have enjoyed this course.  Once I got into it it definitely wasn’t quite as dull as I was expecting it to be.  I’m really glad that I selected Joomla because I learned an awful lot about a new CMS and actually, I really don’t like WordPress.

If you end up reading this Todd, cheers for the papers that have probably challenged me the most during mu degree (in lots of different ways).  I think I can say that in one way or another your classes have never been dull 🙂

Off to England on Tuesday to celebrate 🙂