As always just when you think it is finished it isn’t.  I looked back through the requirements for the third milestone and for project 2 of the course and I realised that in fact my write ups are structured slightly wrong.

For milestone III I had to rejig slightly and merge two documents togther, adding in some essential information such as the various logins required by Todd to get in to the back end of the server.  I also included three example Joomla logins for Todd to play with, one for a farmer, one administrator and the superuser login.

For project 2, I realised that I had COMPLETELY missed the mark, LOL.  I had written a project report that outlines the agile methodology that I have employed and details the processes I went through for each sprint.  This isn’t what is required,  In fact this makes up a rather small part of the project, so into an appendix it all goes and only a couple of highlights are discussed in the main project text.

For the main writeup we had to talk about the technology that we are employing, I am all of a sudden happy that I chose Ionic and Angular 2, they are really cool frameworks and so flexible, you can do a lot with them, a very steep learning curve, but excellent results in a short space of time.

So…… the goal keeps moving away from me. almost over red rover, watch this space