The time is now…. time to move the behemoth of a website that Joomla has created over to the web.  I have developed this website in the safety of a local XAMPP server and finally I have made the decision to move it online.  The first question where do I actually put it ?  So there are a number of options:

  • One of my existing servers – bad idea as they are becoming more critical to me and other people and Todd needs admin access, which, while I fully trust Todd, is probably not a sensible thing to do on a prod server.
  • Todds BigEars2 or NewSimLand server – A good option, but a number of drawbacks, including no FTP and no admin rights, therefore no way I can modify the Apache install PHP config file if I need to, which I may need to do.  We have seen in class some issues with WordPress not working due to PHP being configured slightly differently.  I’m not really in the mood to debug similar Joomla issues.  Plus we have the problem that Joomla is MASSIVE.  I’m sure there is a proper way to migrate, but I have taken the decision to transfer all files, export the database, copy everything over to the webserver and then re-implement once I get there – setting user permissions etc as appropriate.  Joomla has generated a spectacular 25289 files, taking up over 240MB of disk space – zipped up it is still over 83MB.
  • Make a new server – This is my preferred option.  It is so easy to create a temporary dev server these days, I have quickly thrown up a digital ocean droplet with minimum specs, it will cost me $5 a month, I only need it for a month, $5 seems like a good price to pay for all the hassle that it saves me.  I’ve chucked on an FTP server and transferred across my files.  It took a long time, longer than it took me to walk the dog, but its done

so – any problems?  Well not really so far, a couple of permissions issues, and a missing PHP-CURL plugin that is needed by the Trademe API module, but overall that went rather smoothly.

Now its a matter of updating some of the links that are hardcoded to go to localhost and boom – we’re in business