Well, what a disaster, all my hard earned research into what makes a good CMS choice is all for NIL.  The various Auction extensions for Joomla that I had explored have all failed to materialise, well materialise for free anyway, so after a few frustrating hours tryng to get one to work I have decided not to.

What about making a brand new module of my own for Joomla, one that ties into the Trademe API, that way the wool growers can list their auctions on this real auction website and have a gallery that displays there lovely auctions right here on the wool growers site.

So off I tootle to trademe and have a look at their API, its pretty simple and it even gives me a lovely introduction on how to get the OAuth tokens to work.  In less than an hour I had registered an application and created the headers required to get the data I need to produce the effect I want.  Trademe provides a ‘Sandbox’ environment for developers where you can list for free etc, they give you $5000 of pretend money so you can list all different ways.

So now I just need two things……. I need the ok from Todd that this is an acceptable solution to the problem and I need to WRITE A JOOMLA module.  woohoo should be fun

Just waiting to hear back from todd