Its done.  Milestone II is completed. the assignment I thought would never end.  I have learned an awful lot about CMS’s and it seems kinda odd sitting here using the wordpress dashboard after picking through and reviewing it for an hour.  And hey, WordPress didn’t even win, I decided to go with Joomla, which really is a stupid move because I don’t know jack about Joomla and I can bang out a half decent wordpress website in a day 😦  Oh well you make your bed and all that.

So we are in to the final furlong of this degree now,  two more assignments for Todd, build a website and a web API/mobile app (fun fun) and a single assignment for Sandra and then all I have to do is RPL one course and its all over red rover.  Then I can start on the MS exams that SQL Services wants me to do for my job (each one comes with a payrise – proper bonus)