Well, its been a busy weekend. I had hoped to sit down and write my assignment 1 MS2 up and get it in the bag.  But I’ve ended up cutting down trees and given myself an RSI injury from the mulcher 😦  Could be worse.  I finally got to sit down this evening and do some work on the CMS analysis, surprisingly interesting, particularly reading the history of some of the CMS’s.  Who would have thought that SilverStripe is older than WordPress and that Joomla was born in a fierce political melee.  The things you learn when you have the time.

I also found 5 minutes yesterday to sit down and start work on Project 2, I started to have a look through some of the Untappd API documentation and tested my client ID and secret toe ensure that they worked.  The API doesn’t seem to directly give me some of the information that need to use in my app, so it might be a bit of a process to get to where I want to be, but thats what I’m good at.

I have finished all of my other assignments for the year now (forever actually), so I can focus on this web701 course, now I just need to find some time…….