So we are into the thick of it now.  We are working on both Project 1 and project 2 at the same time. For Project 1, I currently have MIlestone 1 handed in, Milestone 2 in progress, Milestone 3 is still a glint my eye.

For Project 2, I have so far given it a LOT of thought, but not a lot of action.  I have completed the initial story board in the agile process that we will be using. currently I have these stories:

  • User can connect to Untappd API and get the relevant data to identify beers, venues, ratings reviews etc
  • User can connect to custom API and view Untappd data that is filtered for the times and venues that have been defined in the custom API
  • User can view the data from both APIs in a Smartphone App
  • User if able to ‘spot’ existing beers from the Untappd API and add them to venues or rate them in our custom API.
  • User is able to login to Untappd API through smartphone App
  • User is able to register Untappd ratings and new beers through the smartphone App

Above I have presented 6 user stories, I really don’t think that I will get any more than this done within the timeframe of the project (I possibly won’t get all of these done) I really hope to get at least 4 or 5 of these done.  If I am being honest then I don’t know if I will get the Auth0 login stuff with the Untappd API completed in the timeframe. But We shall see…….

The next stage is to break these down into sprints and give each sprint a timeframe to be completed in.  Pressure is on 🙂  lets rock