Today was our last class before easter break.  We had our client come in again to look at our websites.  we have made a number of changes to the general layout of the website, we have changed things like the colour scheme. We have also added things like a google map plugin and an ability to set up different user groups and give them different sets of permissions.

Generally he was pretty happy with the websites,  he said that none of the websites really stood out, however he said they all matched the brief.

The client asked us all how much time we had put into the website so far.  We conceded that we had put in about 25 hours.  most of the teams had done roughly the same amount of time into their website.  We discussed that for example this equates to about $2500 – $3000 if we were to charge $100 per hour.  This is the normal cost of a website.

In an interesting aside, we discussed how he sees the IT industry in Nelson and globally.  It was really interesting to hear what he thought about IT, after all he is a professional with 25 years experience.