Lets get one thing straight, I hate web design, despise it with a vengance, have no interest whatsoever in faffing about with fonts and colors that display differently across every browser.   Webpages that need so much crappy JS framework code in the background to make them work that the whole thing just looks like a nightmare if you actually look into the code.

I hate web design, if I could choose the part of IT that I dislike most it would probably be web design.  (well maybe sys development, but it would be a close run thing)

So this is like the third time I’ve been asked to go through the Information Architecture process for a website, and for the third time it has amazed me how good and efficient it actually is.  I mean, a lot of the steps are supposed to involve a real client, who we don’t have, and I don’t think I will ever fully understand how the metaphor section is really meant to play out, but on the whole its a good system.

Thats Milestone 1 in the bag…. I’m off to make a start on Milestone II