Today we had our first question/answer session with a customer.

A local business that specialises in data solutions is looking for a website to help advertise their services.

The business has been running for a number of years but has been so busy completing work that they haven’t had time to create  a website for themselves.

The website will be relatively ‘greenfield’ and the client doesn’t have a great idea of what he wants.  However during the QA session we were able to glean a certain amount of information.

They are DATA driven business.

They are highly specialised and highly skilled.  they are a small team

They are very solution oriented, they don’t like to say no to customers, in fact their company mottos ARE:

‘don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits’

“The person who says it cant be done shouldn’t interrupt the person who is doing it”


They are adept in the following technologies:  .NET, SQL Server, Access, ORACLE,

They have worked with numerous government agencies, including DOC, CAA, Police, ACC, TDC, ANZ Bank.


key things for the website:

He wants a postive, simple, professional, can do, IN nelson

He likes the color Green

Potential Pages could be


Our Services

Contact page

Staff P:age



we finished up the day by installing XAMPP and wordpress