Its been a week of report writing.  And I’m almost done, phew.

As I said in my last post its actually been a much more productive experience than I expected doing this write up,  I’ve managed to fill in a whole lot of blanks about some of the concepts that we used, but that I didn’t really understand.  Now that I have time to digest what we did concepts like dependency injection make a lot more sense to me.

I’ve also been blown away by finally getting my head around JavaScript, ES6 and Typescript, how they all fit together.

Having some of this time to think over the work placement has also given me a bit of perspective on everything that happened.  The final part of the write-up is an evaluation of the placement, my own performance, what went well, badly and what I gained from the experience.  It’s taken me a full month to get my head around these things, but I think I finally know what to write.

It’s also nice to hang out with my dog during the days instead of rushing between jobs.