Just a quick (possibly final) post on this blog.  The work placement is finished and so now I am in the thick of my rather large report.  Top be honest I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I’ve finally got the time to sit back and digest some of the stuff that we covered during our placement.  Reading up on the differences between Javascript and ES6 and filling in some of the blanks as to why we did some of the things that we did.

With my new found knowledge of Typescript and Angular 2 I have also started to implement new features into a database interface that I have maintained for many years.  The method of developing the interfaces without any CSS styles that I learned at Datacom is also being employed in this project.  It’s not something I would have ever thought to do before, but it’s a great system that means you can get the functionality right without worrying about the style too much.

A couple of things that we didn’t cover at Datacom were:

How to bundle and minify the project, Angular 2 has about 12,000 separate files in a project.  Obviously I don’t want to be uploading this many files everytime (and the client doesn’t want to be downloading them either), so I am currently looking at bundling the javascript, also minifying the bundle size and deployment options.

How to deep link into a project.  This is something that I looked at, but it wasn’t really my concern at Datacom (and it wasn’t super simple to implement) however, it is something that I will need in this personal project and so it needs to be addressed.


Anyway, back to the report