Finished, phew. It was the last day of my work placement yesterday. It’s been a very long 10 weeks, to be honest I’m pretty happy that it’s over, don’t get me wrong I’ve absolutely loved it, I’ve learned more than I thought I would and pushed my boundaries hugely, boundaries of both my technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. It’s been over a decade since I’ve spent this long sitting at a desk in an office with a group of people, It was nice to be back in a real workplace, studying has been fun, particularly the second year when I really pushed boundaries and felt like I learned and achieved a great deal, but the third year has really felt like a chore. The fourth year!! I dread to think about that just yet. Oh well, at least the end if coming into sight now.

It’s been a funny final week, I’ve actually done a whole heap of work, the Python code in the web APIs has really started to make sense to me and it’s been really cool being able to bounce between the API and the Angular interfaces. I’ve added a number of tables to the database now, all with the correct foreign key constraints and APIs in place. There have definately been challenges there, particularly with exception handling in the python, the biggest problem was getting the API to return an appropriate error message back to the Angular when the DB threw an exception. After a couple of ‘logic battles’ between myself and Python (my logic was wrong and Python was right so I backed down) Everything seems to be working hunky dory.

Had a bit of a personal low on Tuesday, I had been trying to refactor some of the datamodel to allow for Regionality of some of the data. Without going into detail I did a reasonable amount of refactoring on a part of the model, took me most of the afternoon, all worked well and I pushed it up to Github. However, the work wasn’t required. I found out that evening while working at the cinema that I needed to roll back this work. To be honest I was pretty gutted, unsure of how to rollback and right there and then I just wanted to not go back to Datacom. Over the 10 weeks I have realised that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning are my personal low points. I work 13 hours on a Sunday, then Datacom on Monday morning, mentor Chinese students Monday afternoon, sleep, Datacom Tuesday morning then back to the Cinema till 11.30pm. Usually shattered by the time I get home, but can’t sleep straight after work. Looking back I probably should have cut down on my Datacom hours at the start of each week, but to be honest I really enjoyed being in the office and working on the project so happy to be there, just a little tired and grouchy sometimes. Anyway, I digress. I was asked to rollback the changes, I replied to the email that I didn’t think I could efficiently do that and that Chris should do it instead, I didn’t want to spend the whole next day trying to learn how to rollback and holding other folks up in the process. Chris immediately rolled back the changes that evening. So what do you do when you feel like you don’t want to go back the next day? get your head down and sleep, get out of bed as soon as you wake up and get your arse into the office, don’t give yourself time to think about it in the morning. So that’s just what I did, I was at my desk, computer cranked up and coffee in hand by 8am, and thankful that I was to be honest. Chris has rolled back the API changes, but there were a number of Angular Changes that I had also made, I was able to fix this all up in an hour before the Standup meeting and all was well with my little world again.

As for the booking interface, the pages that give the user the ability to list bookings, view, create, edit, confirm and delete (CRUD with a few extra little whizzbang features), well it’s not finished. Gutted. I was given one module of the project to work on and I couldn’t get it done by the end of the work placement. To be fair it turns out that booking is one of the more complex entities in the datamodel and to make matters worse it has been a moving target, moving away from me that is. The initial user-story for this module has just grown and grown as we have matured our knowledge of the business model. The version of booking that I leave behind is basically just awaiting ‘Regionality’ to be added so that we can identify which business region the booking is in, something that I couldn’t do as I was awaiting API changes from Chris. It was me however that created the ‘Region’ model (yay for me).

Sprint 3 officially ends today and so we should be dropping something through to UAT testing over the weekend, I suspect that the bookings component will be completed by Chris just to get it done. I also suspect that this won’t be the end of the booking component. It’s devilishly complex 🙂 a real challenge to work on.

It will be strange not having to go to Datacom on Monday morning, instead I’ll be throwing myself into NET602 and starting the writeup for this project.

Big thanks to Chris, Ben, Ben, Liam, Lee, Thi, John and Fleur who I have worked with on this project. Been challenging, frustrating, awful, enjoyable and awesome all at the same time.