We have a project manager…. we have a scrum board.   We also now have standup meetings every morning at 9.30am. The project feels like is has a little more direction than it did previously, speed combined with direction gives us that magical thing… VELOCITY.

This is the first week that I have really felt like I have made progress on the project.  I have continued to work on the main booking page, it is truly a case of the devil being in the detail.  I thought I would have this page tied up in a couple of days, but it has literally taken me 2 weeks.  I tell myself that this is probably one of the more essential and tricky sections of the admin portal, and in many ways it is, but that isn’t the only reason that this has taken so long:

A rental car booking contains a couple of one-many relationships.  A booking can have many named drivers, and a booked vehicle can have a number of accessories or extras added on.  Each of these relationships has had its own challenges to implement and required front end and API work to be carried out simultaneously.  I worked through a number of issues with senior Dev Lee before he headed back to the UK.  Sometimes this process felt quite tedious, but as Lee said – we were breaking new ground and so there were bound to be some pitfalls.

Additionally I have been having fun with datetime pickers and dates (and times strangely)  We have chosen a datetime picker that can be databound to a STRING type object rather than a DATETIME object, this means there are a number of transformations required for object (to and from a string). Javascript DateTime objects include a TimeZoneOffset feature which can cause havoc in this process.  New Zealand is generally 12 hours ahead of the UK, so if the datetimes are implemented incorrectly they can throw the booking out by a day.

This datetime issue was relatively easy to remedy for the ‘add booking’ function, however the methods needed to be adapted to handle the ‘edit booking’ functions. And just for that final kick in the teeth when I thought I had it all sorted, the DateTimes went out of whack for any dates in NZ Summer (when we are 13 hours ahead of GMT) In the end I unpicked my code and reapplied everthing I had learned in the process of trying to get it work and hey presto it worked.

So, we are 2/3 of the way through sprint 2, I have almost finished what I set out to do, I am just waiting on a API that I can hit to delete bookings and hey presto we can ADD, DELETE, LIST and EDIT booking, as long as John (who is on testing duties) doesn’t find too much wrong with it.

I hope to take on another module before the Sprint is over, an easier module than the bookings one.

Thats me for now


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