Just a quick post.  This week we had our first project seminar.  The original plan was for each of us to stand up and give a 3-5 minute talk about our project and where we are currently at.

This year, due to the number of people that are doing projects the group was split into halves.  We only had a the chance to share our project with the half of the group that we happened to be in. I found this to be a bit of a shame as there are peoples projects  that  I really wanted to hear about but unfortunately I wasn’t in the same group as them.  However, I also realise that there are time constraints and we would have been there all week if we’d done it as a big group.

As of this week I have logged 193 hours of work placement.  I have been working fulltime at Datacom for weeks and I can’t believe that this figure is so low really.  I still probably need another 4 weeks full time to get to my 300 hours.  I’m really enjoying the various challenges that the placement is throwing my way.  Still a little unsure of what happens when I hit 300 hours and the project we are working on is still in progress ?  Will be a shame to walk away, but this placement is really sucking up all of my time, particularly when combined with my parttime job that is 20+ hours a week and  my NET602 course.