Where we are at: Its been a relatively productive week in the dev-den. Now that we have a project manager and we are allocated tasks on Jira it feels like the project has a bit more direction and more accountability, each person is taking ownership of a section and working on it. That said, I have spent a fair number of hours this week partner coding with senior dev Lee, There have been a few issues with one-to-many relationships in the booking portal, specifically the case in which a rental booking can have many named drivers. This data all needs to be stored in the database, we have an object of the type ‘booking’ and within that we have a list of objects of the type ‘driver’. During early stages of development I had created an standalone list of ‘driver’ objects to store this information, however when I tried to refactor and put the driver list directly into the ‘booking’ object the browser kept throwing an exception. Step by step we stripped the code back until we realised that in Javascript a list must be initialised before it can be populated. This was obviously something I already knew because my standalone list WAS being initialised, however I had overlooked this step within the booking object. It took a couple of hours to solve this problem, it was quite frustrating to find such a simple solution after we had stripped off so much functionality, but sometimes its the lessons like that that really make you remember how things work.

Needless to say the other one-to-many relationships in the booking object were populated pretty quickly after that.

Lee has headed back to England now, its been really good to work with him. We have another Datacom employee coming down this week to help us out with UI development. The new guy is a frontend ‘wizard’ who has developed a number of applications in AngularJS (he is currently upskilling on Angular2 ready for an upcoming project). Its been awesome to work with Lee, he’s given us some good advice and been really helpful, but its also going to be awesome to work with this new chap. One thing about this Datacom experience is that we are getting a real insight into industry, how different developers work.

Let’s hope we make more good progress next week 🙂