So Here we are, the end of the sixth week of this project already. As students we are expected to complete around 300 hours for our project.  As of this weekend I have logged 140 hours in the office at Datacom. I have also undertaken more than a few hours of work at home. I am only really keeping track of the hours in the office.

So where are we at?  Well, first up, this is by far the most challenging thing I have ever tried to do in IT.  The hurdles that must be cleared are frequent and often difficult – I can honestly say that if I was trying to do this project alone I would have given up already.  I would have taken an easier option for many of the technical challenges that we are facing.  We expected a steep learning curve, but this has sometimes just begun to feel like a straight out brick wall.  However, the thing about brick walls is that if you give kick them enough times the bricks will start to come loose and the wall will begin break apart, all of a sudden these smaller parts look much less intimidating, every brick wall we have hit has been broken down in one way or another.  Its quite a liberating feeling to finally solve a problem that has been bugging you for a couple of days.  Whether you solve the problem yourself through finally comprehending something, or whether one of the senior devs helps out, it doesn’t really matter, trust me, it feels good.

So where is the project at?  Well, we have now had the luxury of learning, we have had the chance to play with the code and break it in every way possible (Github is your friend at these times 🙂 ) , but now we are moving into a period when real progress needs to be made.  Deadlines are looming, we have demos for clients coming up in the week or so and we need to deliver something that looks good AND works for the client.    The three interns have split onto different parts of the project, one onto the API (Python), one onto the CSS styles and myself, I have been working on components for the angular app.  So far I have managed to refactor two pieces of code into re-usable components.  We have a lovely little HTML box that is capable of displaying a vehicle and a datepicker that is cobbled together from two other components.  Doesn’t sound like much, but they work and right now that feels like a victory.




Tues 8.30 – 5 (120.75)

Weds 8.30 – 4.15 (128.5)

Thurs 8.30 – 5 (137)

Fri  2 – 5 (140)