This project is hard, really hard.  At times I am struggling to take in all of the new information that is being thrown at us.  Collaborating with the other students and devs is also a really challenging experience for me, largely because I am used to writing software alone and largely because we all think really differently. Trying to get my head around the way that another person sees a problem can sometimes really spin my mind out, I am probably finding that the hardest part of the project.  At the moment we have split off into three solo projects, I’m working on Angular 2 services that connect the APIs to the interfaces, Fleur & John are working on the interfaces the related CSS styles.

The services have been really frustrating to create, I have had various parts working in test apps, but unable to get them work in the main branch.  This morning I woke up at 3am and decided to get my arse out of bed and look at the problem again.  Initially I had a problem getting the app to build as there was a dependancy issue, I couldn’t seem to find any errors in the dependancy tree, but the project just wouldn’t build.  Really annoying.  Anyway it was at this point that I realised I have a senior DEV on the other side of the world to call on, Lee is working from the UK remotely, so I decided to drop him a line, he replied, luckily I had managed to fix the problem anyway, but he gave me some good advice if it occurs again.

Problem solved, progress made (real progress this morning actually), quick shower, walk the dog and head in to the office

See ya 🙂