For my final year project I have accepted the offer of a work placement at Datacom.

So my first question, who on earth actually are Datacom?

Luckily for me the company website has a fantastic page that displays their history, they have nicely set their own history against a timeline of tech industry innovation.  The full page is available HERE.  But I will quickly run through a potted history of the company.

The ICL1902 – Where is all began

Datacom was founded as Computer Bureau Limited in Christchurch 1965, the company used its initial $30,000 capital to import an ICL1902 mainframe computer.  Incredibly, the order took a year to arrive in NZ, in the current climate a machine would be completely outmoded in that time, just shows how far we have come really.

Through the 60’s an 70’s the company experienced steady growth and spread through NZ, this meant is was well placed to take advantage of the explosion in business computing that would occur in the 1980’s.

In 1983 the company brought ORACLE database technology to the NZ Dairy Company (now known as Fonterra).

In 1984 the company was renamed DATACOM.

DATACOM 80’s style

Growth continued an in 1991 Datacom signed its first outsourcing agreement, providing services to Telecom directories, this was quickly followed by a merger with NZ Post IT department.

In 1994 the company expanded beyond NZ shores for the first time opening an office in Sydney Australia.  By 1996, contact centres were being built in Malaysia

Over the next 10 years Datacom continued its expansion in Australia, establising numerous datacentres around the country. They also established web and application development teams over the ditch in this period.


The Nelson branch of Datacom is mainly concerned with infrastructure, however, we will be working with the fledgling application development team.

The dev team seem to have a wide array of projects on the go, many using legcay technology and some using really cutting edge stuff.  We will be working on a particular project that I will talk about in the next post.

Genuinely excited about the prospect of this project 🙂