What is the single most important thing that I have taken away from ITC?

ITC has been really interesting and not at all what I expected.


After missing ITC in my first year and hearing lots of moaning about it for the last two years, I was a little worried about having to sit this paper.  However I have actually found that there have been some interesting discussions and topics.  It has been a welcome break from the more technical papers.

Two sources of information that I use to stay “CONNECTED”

The Register.co.uk

I used to work at Sky TV as a junior developer about 15 years ago, this was one of the more popular websites that the developers at Sky used for news,  since then I have read this website for news.

The Register is an independent news site that offers an in-depth, but light hearted view on the tech world.

I believe the content to be reputable largely because I have read the site for an extended period and I generally trust what they write.

They offer a news service, in addition they perform a wide range of hardware and software reviews and feature articles about tech.

Click Podcast

I have followed the Click Podcast from the BBC for many years.  It’s a great weekly podcast that has a strong following amongst the UK tech community

The podcast covers a good array of tech news and issues, it often features on sustainable tech and third world developments.

The content is obviously repeatable because it comes from the BBC, nuff said.

Click has two presenters who are both widely experienced technology journalists:

Gareth Mitchell – Before Gareth Mitchell joined BBC World Service he was a broadcast engineer. “The people who seemed to be having all the good fun were the creative types in the studios,” and so he swapped engineering for presenting. In his spare time, he lectures in broadcast and written journalism at Imperial College in London.

Bill Thompson – Technology writer Bill was born in Jarrow, grew up in Corby and went to Cambridge University. He still lives and works in Cambridge. Bill began to write for The Guardian in 1990 and in 1994 set up the paper’s website. Two years later he became a freelance writer and has been writing and broadcasting ever since