In todays class we looked at how the different countries and people of the world fit together.


We looked at the concept of countries and compared it to locales.  A locale may have multiple languages, Canada is a good example, it has two distinct languages, English and French.

ISO – the international standards organisation, defines Locales by Language and country (eg (en_US is English US) this is the sort of definition that you would see on your computer.

Various pieces of data differ from locale to locale, for example dates are expressed differently in different locales.  currency is another good example of something that differs between locales.

When we provide content that is specific to a locale, this is known as LOCALIZATION

When we provide content that is not specific to a locale, this is known as INTERNATIONALIZATION.

What type of businesses can benefit most from Internationalisation?

Microsoft Windows is a great example of Internationalization.  With Windows, Microsoft have created a generic operating system that is used all over the globe. To enable this widespread use, MS have added a host of options that allow users to tailor the OS to their exact needs, they are able to set the location of the device, they are also able to set the language, keyboard layout, number and date formats independently.  Microsoft have created a large number of language packs that can customize the OS.

Any company that hopes to create a product to be used on a global scale can benefit from Internationalization.

Which Type of Countries most benefit form Internationalization?

All countries have to deal with other countries to some degree, Internationalization gives them a common platform that they can use to communicate with one another.  English is commonly considered to be the global common language, it is spoken by 1.5 billion people.