Define one of your own personal bias’s.

I’m very cynical and I don’t believe what I’m told.  This might not seem like a bias, but let’s look at the example that Mark gave in class with his Peter and Paul finger trick.  I didn’t notice that Mark was showing us different fingers, however I don’t believe in magic and so I made an educated guess at what he was doing.

This bias leads to a complete lack of trust in all people and I don’t believe a word they tell me unless I understand it myself.


Are you a Detail oriented person, or a Big Picture oriented person? Explain why you think this is the case.

I’m detailed oriented, with Peter and Paul finger game I was definitely looking at the paper on the fingers and didn’t realise that the fingers had changed, however my bias to not trust Mark Caukill meant that when asked if I knew what was going on I made an educated guess.  If the trick had been shown another time I would have switched my focus to the fingers rather than the finger tips and I would have solved the problem.


Write briefly about how the above interfered with your problem solving in the past.

Often this approach of needing to understand every aspect of a problem holds me back in terms of time.  For example, when coding, I will often spend a great deal of time researching  how or why  a particular method works to the tiniest detail and be rushed with other parts of the code.  I may be more sensible to hack together a load of unknown, but working, code off the internet and just getting something that works.  I need to understand how things work.


Realising 1 & 2 may help you in your problem solving challenges of the future. So put some real thought into this one.