1. Consider an area of IT and reflect on possible innovative ideas, or innovative ideas you are passionate about that are already in motion!

My personal area of interest is mobile app development.  One of the major innovations here in the last few years has the concept of augmented reality.

Augmented Reality is a method of ADDING extra elements to the real world.  There are a number of methods of augmenting reality, it can come in a simple form like offering audio or text information at a certain location, and can go right through to complex concepts that maybe have a set of goggles when looking through them we might see 3d virtual dinosaurs in the bushes.

There are already various Augmented reality applications available such as LAYR, commonly these applications are used magazines to add extra content to pages, such as video and links to other relevant content.

2.Use  historical information about WHY you think it could be the next big thing.

We have been moving towards a very personal IT experience for a very long time.  Initially we had desktop computers, then laptops, we now have smartphones in our pockets that are more powerful than any computer most people have owned.  Smartphones are already augmenting our reality to some extent, we can use an app to make our smartphone vibrate when we run faster than before, or take our 10,000 step of the day.  The next logical step is to have some sort of display that we can see without pulling the phone out of our pocket.  Google tried out smart glasses with Google glass, but really it failed for two reasns, 1) people don’t like to wear the glasses, 2) People didnt like to be looked at by the glasses with a camera.  Google Glass was the frontrunner and it didnt work, however at some point it is likely that someone will come up with a solution that works.

3.Why are you biased PERSONALLY towards being passionate about this NEXT BIG THING.

I believe this will be the next best thing because my key area of interest is mobile development.  I have been extremely intrigued for a number of years about how location data from mobile phones can be used to augment my own reality.  For example I use a cycling app called Strava, it records the routes I take on cycle rides.  Strava creates ‘segments’ a segment might only be a short climb or a long downhill run, Strava records my time every time I ride one of these segments and compares to my personal times.  The Strava app is able to produce a live map on your phone that can compare your current and best positions on a map as you ride.  The next step would be to have a pair augmented reality glasses that would place a virtual bike in the real world for me to chase (or leave for dead)

4. Describe obstacles that this innovation will have to overcome.

There are a number of obstacles in the way of augmented reality, well in the way of head up display virtual glasses anyway.  Firstly people don’t want to wear large heavy bulky glasses with cables so we need small light glasses that people are happy to wear.  Beyond that we have a lot of other issues, if we start adding distractions to peoples vision in the real world we need to be very careful that we don’t distract them to the point that they may have an accident whilst chasing a virtual bike down a  hill.  If someone was to have an accident whilst in some sort of augmented reality, who would be at fault?  I’m sure the American courts will decide


What is Innovation?





A new idea or more effective device or method.


Innovations tend to be catalysts for change, sometimes they are major breakthroughs and sometimes they lead to slow change over a period of time.

Things that identify an innovative idea could be

Solves a problem/meets a need


MAJOR Innovations include








The greatest innovations are ones that we take for granted, such as the lightblub.  They change our lives beyond all recognition, but we almost take it for granted.


Innovative thinking is an essential skill in IT, whether we are coding, building a network or a webpage, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to do things (whether we realise it or not)

One of the core elements of the IT world is the fact that people are able to communicate with each other, looking back through history we can trace the methods of communication:

snail mail
fast mail
instant messaging
social media
video chat