During the first week of the web 701 course we were introduced to the concepts of a content management system.

We also met a client, a lady called Mandy who is operating as a life coach and is interested in creating a website, the requirements for the website are relatively extensive.  Mandy has huge plans for her business and website.

Some of the content that the website will host will include:

Member Area
Online Store
online resources

What is the diference between a salt and pepper pot?

Salt has one hole, pepper has multiple holes

BUT WHY?  We watched a video from Donald Norman, a very famous designer,

he said: Dont forget to design for people!!!! its all about how you make things usable

It doesn’t matter what you think!!! It matters what the user thinks


IN the world of the web, this is known as USER CENTRED DESIGN

Mistakes to avoid. 

Dont just satisify the owner?  if the users of the site aren’t happy then the owner wont be very happy for long (no visitors)

Don’t satisfy yourself, we need to make a website for the users

Don’t try and compel the user to behave the same way as yourself – we need to understand how the use thinks and design for them.