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A brave new world of Research Methods…..

Today Clare introduced us to the course, how it came to exist, how she feels it relates the the BIT and particularly the large final year project.

This course will primarily be run through blogs, primary blog is Clare Atkins Res300 blog that has been running for a number of years and appears to have a great archive of blogs from previous students on the course

Click here for the Res300 Blog

You’ll be able to access this blog and other blogs that I follow through the blogs widget in the left side bar.

Students on this course will be required to keep a personal blog. This blog is worth 25% of the total mark and so there is obviously a large importance placed on this journal.

The course is encouraging us to keep track of our learning throughout the course,  that can be used for reference

From LINDENLAB – terms of employment

‘Fail fast and fail publicly’

Everyone can learn from your mistakes
Get help
Other people don’t waste their time building on your work that is wrong

The first task to get us into the correct mindset for this course is to think about these questions:

What do you think ‘research’ is?

Taking the question literally, Clare obviously doesn’t want us to go out and research an answer to this (ironically).  We are maybe in fact just meant to give our current thoughts on what research is, we are talking pre-course here obviously, so it would be interesting to look back at the answers I give here at the end of the course, I think I wiil take this approach for all of the questions?


Lets start with the dictionary definition of the word:

To me, research is the exercise of collecting information about a subject, research on a subject can take many forms, however it is not restricted to one method.

I recently purchased a new mountain bike, I researched various pieces of information, starting with what bikes were in my price range, I narrowed down my search to some specific bikes, compared the various aspects of each, once I had a shortlist of bikes I researched what was available in my area and the reputations of the various dealers.

I finally purchased a bike and decided to help others who were looking at the same bike, I created an honest ‘user review’ and loaded it to Youtube, the video has had over 38,000 views, so hopefully I have become an aspect of other peoples research

The video is here

Do you think you will ever need research skills?
I use research skills on a regular basis.  Whenever I make a significant purchase I will spend a reasonable amount of time researching before making a choice.

During my time at NMIT I have frequently used research skills whilst undertaking various assignments.

What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?
I have never written a research journal, I would assume it would be for myself to refer back to during, and at the end of the research period.  It could be used to keep track of what decisions were made and why.

During a large project involving multiple people a research journal could be useful for everyone to refer to, or in the context of an NMIT BIT project a research journal could form part of the final submission

What is plagiarism?
Copying or stealing other peoples work and claiming it for yourself.  Plagiarism doesn’t have to  be a direct copy, it can take the form of paraphrasing, this involves making small changes to the structure of a copied narrative

Why is it important to avoid it?
Because it is naughty and it is cheating