Files submitted

I’ve submitted both my assignments for web701 and apart from 1 exam that is the end of my study,  now i just need to desperately try and RPL my comms paper and hopefully after 4 years this degree is done..  So basically…. still not finished 😦  getting very close though

Really happy with my website and the way that my project 2 came out in the end so overall I think I can say I have enjoyed this course.  Once I got into it it definitely wasn’t quite as dull as I was expecting it to be.  I’m really glad that I selected Joomla because I learned an awful lot about a new CMS and actually, I really don’t like WordPress.

If you end up reading this Todd, cheers for the papers that have probably challenged me the most during mu degree (in lots of different ways).  I think I can say that in one way or another your classes have never been dull 🙂

Off to England on Tuesday to celebrate 🙂


Not quite over red rover

As always just when you think it is finished it isn’t.  I looked back through the requirements for the third milestone and for project 2 of the course and I realised that in fact my write ups are structured slightly wrong.

For milestone III I had to rejig slightly and merge two documents togther, adding in some essential information such as the various logins required by Todd to get in to the back end of the server.  I also included three example Joomla logins for Todd to play with, one for a farmer, one administrator and the superuser login.

For project 2, I realised that I had COMPLETELY missed the mark, LOL.  I had written a project report that outlines the agile methodology that I have employed and details the processes I went through for each sprint.  This isn’t what is required,  In fact this makes up a rather small part of the project, so into an appendix it all goes and only a couple of highlights are discussed in the main project text.

For the main writeup we had to talk about the technology that we are employing, I am all of a sudden happy that I chose Ionic and Angular 2, they are really cool frameworks and so flexible, you can do a lot with them, a very steep learning curve, but excellent results in a short space of time.

So…… the goal keeps moving away from me. almost over red rover, watch this space



Content Management System – dissection

WordPress is a content management system.

It has two main concepts,

Theme – made up of many parts that give a look, shape and feel to a website

Template – a shape of a page or output from the system, there can be many templates in a theme

WordPress themes are found in the following folder:


WordPress comes with a variety of templates, it is also possible to download free and paid themes.  We can make our own themes.

The wordpress page is made up of the following sections:




By default, WordPress comes with a style.css stylesheet.  This stylesheet is designed to reduce inconsistencies between different browsers.  It is based on work by Eric Meyer.  The style.css stylesheet is generally over-ridden by CSS sheets within themes.


It is relatively easy to develop new Themes for WordPress, there are explanations and standards for developers in both and





All over red rover

It’s there.  In one smash it out weekend, google style, I have created my app, my api and my report.  My Api lets me connect the phone application to the Untappd API.

I am also able to get and post to the Untappd API.  I would love to say that it was easy, but it really wasn’t, I didn’t just follow a tutorial, I gleaned information from all over the web, mainly from reputable sources.

There were parts of the project that I flew through, the code throwing errors that I just seemed to recognize and fix immediately, but there were more than a few that completely threw me for an hour or more.  I’m glad that I’ve done, although I hope that this project will grow over the rest of the year as I hopefully develop it into something more.

Thanks Todd, its been another good, challenging course.


Spent the whole day coding – couldnt be happier

I have spent the whole day glued to my PC coding and I have loved it – made real progress.  Angular 2 and Ionic seem a whole lot less intimidating than they did 8 months ago.  I am smashing through the work.  Even though I haven’t done anything like this for nearly a year I can’t get over how easily it is coming to me and how much I am enjoying it.

I wonder if all the thinking at work has got me brain trained better…….

Gonna have a great project to hand in, even the write up is ticking along nicely for a change

Really enjoying coding again

I’ve been a DBA for 3 months and I’m really enjoying it, there are lots of interesting challenges and soooo much to learn.  It’s been about a year now since I have done any actual coding though and I forgot how much I enjoy it.  I’m about halfway through project 2 of my WEB701 paper.  This involves hooking in to an API, creating an API from scratch in PHP (my old fave) and then building an Angular 2 / Cordova phone application that will pull it all together.

I’ve just finished creating the API and it was great fun. Its far from perfect but it will do the job in this instance.

Why is it that whenever I code I seem to always have the word beer in the code somewhere:

I’m even enjoying writing the report this time.  might be a bit longer than todd wants though, how can you do a project like this and write it up in 1000 words?


ah well



In todays class Todd went through how to reference and cite material in our projects.  This has never been my strong point to be honest.  I tend to read material and rewrite it in my own words, I guess thats a form of paraphrasing but I’m always unsure of whether I need to reference the material.  I often use a wide number of sources to build up a picture.  I do reference some of the major sources but not always all of them.

Its definitely a part of my report writing that I could brush up and so this was a timely reminder.

Mass Migration

The time is now…. time to move the behemoth of a website that Joomla has created over to the web.  I have developed this website in the safety of a local XAMPP server and finally I have made the decision to move it online.  The first question where do I actually put it ?  So there are a number of options:

  • One of my existing servers – bad idea as they are becoming more critical to me and other people and Todd needs admin access, which, while I fully trust Todd, is probably not a sensible thing to do on a prod server.
  • Todds BigEars2 or NewSimLand server – A good option, but a number of drawbacks, including no FTP and no admin rights, therefore no way I can modify the Apache install PHP config file if I need to, which I may need to do.  We have seen in class some issues with WordPress not working due to PHP being configured slightly differently.  I’m not really in the mood to debug similar Joomla issues.  Plus we have the problem that Joomla is MASSIVE.  I’m sure there is a proper way to migrate, but I have taken the decision to transfer all files, export the database, copy everything over to the webserver and then re-implement once I get there – setting user permissions etc as appropriate.  Joomla has generated a spectacular 25289 files, taking up over 240MB of disk space – zipped up it is still over 83MB.
  • Make a new server – This is my preferred option.  It is so easy to create a temporary dev server these days, I have quickly thrown up a digital ocean droplet with minimum specs, it will cost me $5 a month, I only need it for a month, $5 seems like a good price to pay for all the hassle that it saves me.  I’ve chucked on an FTP server and transferred across my files.  It took a long time, longer than it took me to walk the dog, but its done

so – any problems?  Well not really so far, a couple of permissions issues, and a missing PHP-CURL plugin that is needed by the Trademe API module, but overall that went rather smoothly.

Now its a matter of updating some of the links that are hardcoded to go to localhost and boom – we’re in business

Trademe API Sandbox and online auctions

Well, what a disaster, all my hard earned research into what makes a good CMS choice is all for NIL.  The various Auction extensions for Joomla that I had explored have all failed to materialise, well materialise for free anyway, so after a few frustrating hours tryng to get one to work I have decided not to.

What about making a brand new module of my own for Joomla, one that ties into the Trademe API, that way the wool growers can list their auctions on this real auction website and have a gallery that displays there lovely auctions right here on the wool growers site.

So off I tootle to trademe and have a look at their API, its pretty simple and it even gives me a lovely introduction on how to get the OAuth tokens to work.  In less than an hour I had registered an application and created the headers required to get the data I need to produce the effect I want.  Trademe provides a ‘Sandbox’ environment for developers where you can list for free etc, they give you $5000 of pretend money so you can list all different ways.

So now I just need two things……. I need the ok from Todd that this is an acceptable solution to the problem and I need to WRITE A JOOMLA module.  woohoo should be fun

Just waiting to hear back from todd